This site aims at grouping together in a different way the houses of the merchant marine present on the international site of Flag of the World ( FOTW-s) or having been sent to the list FOTW-l.

On the site of FOTW, flags are grouped together by nation. There is an alphabetical index by name of company.

To identify a flag only from its drawing, it is necessary to determine a characteristic graphic element and to look in the index of the words-key, but the images for the same word can meet themselves on several dozens pages. See not appearing if the publisher of the text did not bring it in memory.

The characteristic of my site is to regouper all the flags by main element of identification and to record them on the same page. The search ends then naturally by investigating the page.

Letters are the element of identification the easiest to track down. The first letter of the word will serve as reference. Houses will then be alphabetized. In case of absence of letters, we shall track down an object. By definition, an object does not touch the edges of the flag. If the house does not contain either letter, or object, it will be necessary to refer at the background and to the geometrical surfaces which it presents. In case of pavilions presenting symbols identical, a classification by the colour of the symbol, then by the colour of the bottom and finally by the number of symbols will be used. The order of the colour will be: white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, brown, purple, orange-coloured, grey, pink.

The references on the companies, on the authors of drawings as well as the sources papers used being already registered on the site of FOTW (or in the archives of the list Yahoo), they are not resumed on this site.

HFotW is a tool made to enhance the regular FotW-ws, the copyright of the images belongs to the contributeurs of the site or the list FOTW

To see the list of the characteristic graphic elements