Graphic elements
A Ablue Ared Awhite Aa Ab Ac Ad Ah Al Am Ao  As  B Bblack Bwhite Bblue  Ba Bc Bh Bn Bp Bs Bu C Cwhite Cblue Cred Ca Cb Cd Cg Ci Cm Cn Co Cr Ct D Dwhite Dred Da Df Dn Ds
E Eblue Ered Ea Ei Ep F Fwhite Fblue  Fa Fd Fi Fn G Gblack Gblue Gwhite Ga Gg Go
H Hwhite Hblue Hblack Ha Hb Hc Hh Hn Hr Ht
I Ia  J Ja Jd Jl Jp Jr K Kwhite Kblue Ka Km L Lwhite Lblue  La Lc Ll Lr 
M Mwhite Mwhite on blue Mblue Mred Ma Mc Mi  Mn Ms N Nwhite Nred Na Nd Nh Nm Ns Nu O Oa Og P Pwhite Pblack Pa Pg Pn Pr
Q R Rwhite Rblue Rred Ra Rc Rg Rm Rr S Swhite Swhite on blue Swhite on red Sblue on white Sred Sblack S blue Sa Sb Sc Sd Sf Sh Sj Sm So Sp Ss St  Su
T Twhite Tblue  Tred Ta Tf To Ts U Ua V Vwhite Va Vd Vf Vp W Wwhite Wred Wblack Wa Wf Wl Wr 
X Y Z .
Greek alphabet Other alphabets . .
Naturals Animal Lion Horse
Bird Eagle
Sea Animal Human
Bear . .
Vegetal Mapple leaf .
Astronomics Star Star 5 points Star 6 points
Star 5 points white on blue Star 5 points white on red Star 5 points white
Star 5 points red on white Star 5 points red .
Star 5 points blue on white Star 5 points blue .
Star 5 points multiple 2 or 3 Star 5 points multiple .
Sun Crescent Lightning
Made by men Anchor Anchor white Anchor blue Anchor yellow Boat Compas Rose
Construction Arms White arms Red arms Crown
Object Flag Wheel
Map Screw Trident
Funnel Hammer Rope
Bell Key Braid
Religious objects .
Geometrics Disk Disk blue  Disk white Disk red Disk black
Cross object (don't touching the borders) Cross object whiteCross object white on red Cross object blueCross object red
Cross (touching the borders) Cross red
Cross white
Diamond Diamond white Diamond red
Hexagon Circle Cercle red
Arrow Triangle object
Concepts Symbols circle Symbols other Logo Numeral
Surfaces Monochrom Bi-band  Canton
Tri-band Tri-band horiz Tri-band horiz white
Tri-band horiz red . .
Striped horizontal Striped vertical Striped diagonal
Striped horizontal 3x2 Quartered Diabolo
Swallowtails Border Rectangle
Lines  Saltire Saltire white Wave
Chevron Parallel Lines